Nine Weeks Quit

Blog Post created by DavesTime on Nov 14, 2018

Sixty-three days ago yesterday I had my last cigarette.  (A special wave to my quit twin Julie, who quit the same day I did!)   Sixty-three days!  Nine weeks!  And overall it's been going well.  In past attempts to quit (I can't even tell you how many) I'd tried cold turkey, the patch, e-cigs, and the gum.  Actually, as a closet smoker, I used the gum fairly heavily for years to get me through the times I couldn't smoke, adding a second addiction.  With the help of a combination of Wellbutrin and the patch--and this site and all you wonderful people, this time is different. 


But..I am definitely in no man's land right now.  I feel blah, and find myself missing my little nicotine pick me up.  The "just one" voice is making itself heard more frequently this week.  But I know that voice is lying.  I know from experience where that "one cigarette" or even that "one piece of Nicorette" will lead.  And I just can't go there again.  So...I'm celebrating over two months being quit and pressing on to that day when I finally will feel completely free.