A Different Smoking Dream

Blog Post created by DavesTime on Oct 17, 2018

Most of us who have quit or who have tried to quit in the past know about smoking dreams.  I've had them in past "quits" and have had a few in this one.  Usually in them I have either been smoking around a corner to avoid being caught, or I have given in and bought a pack, or I've been struggling with temptation or a craving.  I wake up either down on myself for starting again or really craving a smoke.  The one I had last night was different. 


In the dream, my wife and I were traveling home at night on one of the rural roads near us.  It was very dark, and suddenly bright lights were coming at us in the other lane.  The vehicle passed us, but I had trouble seeing after that; the darkness seemed even darker.  My wife, trying to be helpful, said, "We have cigarettes if you need one."  And it made me mad!!!  I hadn't even thought abut a cigarette in that stressful moment. 


Now, my wife has never smoked or carried cigarettes in her purse (except for those few times when I've asked her to pick a pack up for me while she was shopping--which she never liked doing.)  She's always encouraged me to quit and is glad that I have.  And she would never offer one to me, even if I was extremely stressed.


So maybe the fact that I didn't want one in my dream and that I got upset with her for offering me one is a sign I've turned a corner! (I hope).