Four Weeks Quit

Blog Post created by DavesTime on Oct 10, 2018

I quit smoking (and my other addiction to using Nicorette) on September 12th, so today I'm starting my fifth week smoke-free.  I'm proud of myself, but today I'm not feeling so excited.  More like, "Blah."  I'm glad that I'm not risking my health by inhaling any more garbage, but I've had more cravings and thoughts of wanting a cigarette today than I have recently. 


My wife has never smoked, and is really trying to be supportive but she has no clue what a struggle it can be to quit and stay quit.  She isn't sure whether she should ask how I'm doing or stay quiet.  A nice "I'm proud of you for being quit for X long" would help, and this morning I told her that I need that kind of encouragement.


I've been using a combination of the patch and bupropion, which has made this quit easier for me than any of my many previous attempts.  I think part of my craving problem today is that I just stepped down to the lowest strength patch this morning.  Another factor is that I was told that I have prediabetes, and for the past month have been trying to limit my carbs and sugars (good bye yummy breads, goodies, and...most other things.  What in the heck do I eat???). On top of that I went to an ENT two weeks ago to have him diagnose some periodic hoarseness, sore throat, and the feeling that something isn't right when I swallow.  Thank God there was no tumor (as I feared), but he said I have acid reflux into my throat, so he put me on a med and gave me a list of what HE said I shouln't eat--which pretty much covered those things that I could still eat. 


So, in the past month I've given up most carbs, sugars, etc, have been told to give up acid-producing foods,  and I've QUIT SMOKING!!!!  I guess my pity-party springs from feeling deprived.  A big part of me wants to cry out, "Can't I have anything that I like?"


So.... I'm not going to smoke.  I'm glad I quit. But honesty.....GRRRRRRRRR.