Day 19

Blog Post created by DaveT383 on Dec 1, 2017

Well... here it is. Day 19. I'm impressed. I have done pretty much all the things I usually do, including participating in my 8-ball pool league practices and matches replete with beers aplenty. And not had even a drag off a smoke. I know that this kind of behavior is not recommended, but I look at it with 2 considerations in mind: 1) cigarettes played a huge factor in controlling my day previously determining how and when I did things according to when I could smoke, so I am not going to let freedom from smoking change the things I want and/or need to do, and 2) sooner or later I would be going back to these routines anyway, so what is the point in delaying how I do them without smoking? As well, I have the great assurance of knowing that I did quit previously for 10 years, so I have the conviction that if I did it before, I can do it again. The worst of it is over. I did not use any actual nicotine-based replacement, but today is the last day of Zyban I have. I am not really too worried about that because the nicotine is now gone from my body and my brain will have stopped going through the physical cravings. Now it will just be my goofy brain telling me from habit, and from addiction, that NOW is a fine time to have a good smoke. I just need to remember that 10 minutes from now would be an even BETTER time, so I'll just do something else right now.

Day 19. Good job, Dave. Maybe I'll just have a smoke and celebrate... 10 minutes from now.