COVID-19 and our psychological well-being

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Apr 9, 2020

On an already anxious personality, the isolation, fear for my family, grieving for the strangers, and families who are losing dear ones, are making me feeling powerless, sad, depressed. And as we stand today, I am looking at 3 more weeks of working from home, and that is if things evolve rapidly in the right direction.

In search for tips and tricks to keep my mind from bouncing from lows to highs, and dropping and hitting bottoms again, just to start another cycle, here is something I found makes sense, and might help others, not just me.  Before I list the things to help us get through this with a better outcome, I would like to just say, our EX community is always making me feel better: milestones to celebrate, great thoughts shared by someone, helping a struggling newbie with a comment, beautiful quotes, or family pictures, are all uplifting and healing.

Please keep coming back and write, it is helping the EX community at large, while reinforcing all of us' quits.

Here is what I found today on Google, yes, it is common sense, but it helps me seeing it in front of my eyes:

5 tips to protect your psychological well-being during COVID-19:

  • Conscious consumption of news and social media.
  • Self-care: Eat and sleep well to boost the immune system, integrate exercise and take vitamins, hot baths, as well as what you need for mental and emotional self-care.
  • Sleep hygiene practices: Seven to eight solid hours, if possible, guided relaxations, calming teas, no electronics in bed rule.
  • Uplifting conversations: I challenge us to show up for one another and to stimulate conversations that create hope and calm fears.
  • Create community. Reach out to someone, throw a virtual dance party, watch a movie virtually with a friend, start a virtual interest group, check in on a neighbor, sing from your porch or balcony, take a virtual yoga or special interest class.