4 Years of Freedom

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Mar 11, 2020

Yes, 4 years ago was the first day when I did not smoke one cigarette, it says so in my user name


Was it easy to do it? Probably not, but honestly, the farther I get from that date 01/11/2016, the more I forget the hard times, and only remember the good times: the small victories: one week, 2 weeks, out of NML, one year, 2,and 3, and now 4 anniversary of freedom, all the cheering, congratulations, hugs and words of advice from our elders here.


Did I stop wanting a cigarette sometimes?  Of course not, I still do, and I still like the smell of a freshly smoked cigarette (what a joke, whatever is fresh in that bunch of herbs and chemicals, not other but my addicted brain would look at it like something fresh)!  Non the less, I still do like it.


But what changed for me, I was blessed to come here and learn that being an EX is all a matter of decision, of free will!  You make the choice to be an EX, and get through the hazy phases, sometimes painful, the waves of emotions, sometimes overwhelming, the desire to go back, sometimes horrifyingly powerful, but you stick with your choice; your choice for freedom.


I did so 4 years ago, and do not regret any minute/hour/day/year of it!


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