There is no time left for smoking

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Feb 29, 2020

Have you ever thought it might happen to you that the closest to retirement you get, the busier you are?

I did not, yet, I find myself in that position.


Maybe the energy levels are not the same, maybe I learned to "stop and smell the flowers" more than before, but one thing is for sure: no time for smoking.


No time to still 5 minutes/20 times/day from what I do; either is work in the office or from home, take care of mom, take care of the puppy, cook and serve meals, shop, get gas, stop by here and make small contributions when I can, speak with family on a weekly basis, clean, go to medical appointments, spend 1h on the massage table, walk short distances (darn knee opposes to longer ones ), attend Yoga classes, meditate, or watch some of favorite shows, I refuse to give 5min/20day to a killing addiction!


After nearly 4 years, smoking is not the center of my life anymore; smoking is no longer in my thoughts day in, day out; smoking is no longer governing my day, my activities, my relationships, my outings; I do not wake up to smoke, nor is smoking the last thing I do before going to bed; smoking is not taking me away from family anymore, nor it is leaving scorching holes in the carpet, or clothes, or in the new car.


Little did I know nearly 4 years ago, this is how much my life will change for the better!


We are all living our quits differently, but one thing we have in common: if we keep our heads straight, and let NOPE govern any attempt by the unconscious mind to drag us back into the addiction, we can stay the course.


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