New car

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Nov 24, 2019

And the blog is not to brag about it, but to just say, what a relief to turn on the AC and no longer feel the stink of old smoke.  No matter what I did to my old, loyal, 18 1/2 years old Outback (including the apple Dale recommends), the smoke was present in that car for about 15 years, no way to get rid of it. Every time I turned on the AC, it would take about 2-3 minutes for the stink to eventually get replaced by whatever fragrance dispenser I have in it.


The new car matches the new me, and there is no turning back; the new car will never allow any smoker to smoke inside, still debating if it will allow any smoker do drive in it, period.  I guess it will, just not smoking inside is allowed.


We did not trade in the Subaru; it helped us for so many years, it is almost like a family member.  Thankfully this past spring we put down another slab of concrete, there is plenty of room for 3 cars to park, even more.  The Outback is our old friend we are taking care of in its old days, and if I have to drive it, it will be a constant reminder that "I do not do that anymore"!


Of course, I am not going to say I got a new car paid by the savings of 3 1/2 years of not buying cigarettes, but the savings really helped, and it also made me feel entitled to a nice reward!


No matter how hard life gets (and it was not an easy year for me, like for many of us here on this site), smoking is not the response!


All of you reading here, having not decided about quitting or not, please do this service to yourself, life is so much better, brighter, cleaner without smoking!