New Shoe

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Nov 21, 2019

I learned a joke when I were young:

The teacher asks the kindergarten class: "what are you missing at home, can I help anyone", the kids take turns responding: "crayons, a phone, a dog...and so on"; one of them the proverbial "retarded" says "nothing, we have everything, I heard dad say last night, after my sister told him she was 15 and pregnant, dad said: that's all we were missing..."

And look at me, all I missed was a new shoe, after hitting my toes against the wooden leg of the sofa.

Anyone familiar with it?

And BTW when I hurt it, more than 10 days ago, I did not think much of it, iced it and lived with the pain, without looking for comfort in the old addiction, NOPE!!!