Crumbling walls

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Aug 15, 2019

Life has a way of kicking you down from time to time, to teach you humility and make you one with it; make you understand you are just a manifestation of the One we call God, or Universe, or Source, or One Soul. I've been learning; moving from a totally Newtonian (cause and effect) view of life, to at least questioning, if not yet truly believing, we are all one.


I've been reading, a lot, and YouTubing (did you even know this is a newly accepted word in English???), watching contemporary masters of thinking, of transformation: Joe Dispenza, Eckarth Tole, Gabor Mate, and many others. Reading about Buddhism, about Native American culture, rituals, Christianity, and how universal the teachings remain.


Why share here?  Because that is what we do here: we share, our lives, our struggles, our memories.


And while listening to an audio book "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself", the author presents a metaphor to help the listener take the leap of faith and use it for personal growth.  And it hit me how much this applies to quitting smoking.


Here is the story: for years many of us wanted to quit smoking, I know I did; but the addiction kept us imprisoned, much like a person, their arms stretched, trying to hold 2 opposite walls, and prevent them from falling on each other.  We put so much resistance against quitting, so much energy went into keeping smoking, because it was what we knew best, it gave us the comfort of the known place, the known behavior, we did not have to break the habit.  We kept on smoking.


Little did we know all it took was to just walk away from the burden, step ahead into freedom, and let the walls crumble behind us; once we understand it, we accept it, there is no way back.  There is no space behind us left to return to; the walls have crumbled, we have no smoking habit to support anymore, we are free to step into the future.  All that old, unnecessary, harming energy can now be released, and used for higher purposes.


My hope is we really get it, we understand, we accept it as a permanent change, and be happy to move on with our lives as EX-smokers; that smoking is a chapter in our lives we closed forever; that we know better now, and live with purpose, real purpose, investing the time, energy, money we spent on smoking for so long, in a better cause: it can be us, our families, or our big family, the humanity.  Whatever cause one selects, or all of them, will be many times better than wasting our lives, money and energy smoking!