Still here, still an EX

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Aug 10, 2019

And just deleted a long, depressing blog.


Maybe all you need to know is that I am still here, still an EX, and still grieving.

Waiting for the light of hope to shine through, but still hiding if no positive, supporting thoughts can make it on the page.


I love you, you and your own challenges are on my mind, checking in from time to time, reading blogs, sometimes, very rarely responding.


Please know I wish all of you the best and one day I'll be back.


For Newbies, please stay the course, it is worth every crave, moments of anxiety shall soon pass, and you will find the peace, like the deepest end of a lake, when all the tormenting of the beginning of a quit had passed.


Love and peace,