Why I expect miracles every day

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on May 4, 2019

From an article by MICHELLE MAROS

Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life's Creative Director and resident writer. 


“I’m realistic. I expect miracles.” – Wayne Dyer

I really love miracles, and honestly I expect miracles every single day.

This sentence may have many of you scratching your heads because when many of us think of miracles we think of people walking on water or curing incurable diseases. Which, yes, those are miracles as well. The miracles that I encounter daily are the miracles of the mind and spirit.

I’ve been studying A Course in Miracles a lot lately, and it has taught me so much about true miracles. From this text, I’ve learned that miracles are a shift of perception from fear to love. A miracle is an act of love; a remembrance of who we truly are. From this vantage point, maybe you begin to see why I started this week’s blog off in saying that I expect miracles daily.

You may be wondering now how you too can experience miracles in your daily life. So here is a quick miracle checklist I’ve put together for you:

  • Meditate daily
  • Set powerful, positive intentions
  • Practice present moment living
  • When stressed, remember that you can choose your thoughts and reactions
  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude
  • Remember that love is our true purpose
  • Forgive others
  • Forgive yourself
  • Love yourself unconditionally
  • Trust that life unfolds as it should

These are just a few ideas to get you started in the miracle mindset! I think you will find that when you incorporate these tips into your life you absolutely will find yourself more in the flow of life, which brings a sense of inner peace, abundance, and pure joy “Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.” – A Course in Miracles


I hope these resonate with you as they did with me.  Because no one but ourselves are the creators of our ever day. It is our intent and reactions making us happy or sad, accepting or mad, loving or indifferent.

Quitting smoking is a miracle.

May every day bring you miracles.