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Like Marilyn said earlier, it is Christmas Eve Eve today; it it still early at our home, but hubby can't break the habit of waking up early and coming into the living room where I try to sleep while the kids are visiting (they got my bedroom).  It is quiet in the house, I made myself a cup of steaming coffee and came here to speak with my friends. 

But most of all,to express my gratitude to have you in my life!


I am grateful because one day I decided: "that's enough" and quit on my own.

I am grateful the day I felt it was too hard (about the 3rd week into the quit), I called the help line of the insurance company and they gave me the EX site.

I am grateful, despite my reluctance to belong to yet another (what I thought was ) impersonal website, I did set up my profile with EX.

I am grateful to have found you all: Ellen, Dale, Nancy, Marilyn, Giulia, Sherri, Jennifer, Shawn, Missy, Thomas, and I can still add many names, and probably never mention every one who had an impact on my quit; a positive impact that is.

I am grateful to have learned the power of NOPE, and the power of honest, helpful feed-back from you.

I am grateful you accepted me, and guided me, encouraged me at every step.

And I am grateful for the Internet, and Facebook, allowing me to stay in touch with so many of you, outside EX, to be in your lives, and open a door for you into mine.

I am grateful for my family, who, even if they did not really understand my journey, or cheered me up as I was hitting milestones (but I have you for that), they love me, and show it to me at every opportunity they have.

I am grateful for my health challenges, because they teach me how to make my life better.

I am helpful for my 2 aging puppies, they make me smile and give me so much love every day.

And I am thankful and giddy for the day to start, so I can enjoy everyone in my home today!


Merry Christmas to all, and please don't forget: 


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