Less on autopilot than before I quit

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Dec 15, 2018

Ever since I joined EX, I learned more and more to be in tune with my feelings, needs, forcing me to disconnect way more often from autopilot.


Here is an article I found interesting in relation to our work we need to do when we quit, of replacing the automated hand to mouth moves, with a conscious activity. I find it overwhelming we live nearly 50% of our lives in autopilot.


New Study Shows Humans Are on Autopilot Nearly Half the Time | Psychology Today 


Of course, many of us still have to make a living, and we need so much the autopilot work; and others, retired, they still need to function on autopilot, they drive, work on their hobbies, have people/pets to take care of, and so on. We'd be exhausted at the end of 8-10 hours if our focus would be on every step of our jobs.


On the other hand, I think "stop and smell the flowers" should be a reminder we should all set for ourselves to do just that, at least several times/day.


It helped with quitting, it helps with our mind/body relationship, every minute, of every day.


Be mindful, and the harshness, the difficulty of quitting is going to light up, the crave will be accepted with a certain detachment, as being part of a process (quitting), and not as a punishment for quitting smoking.

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Happy Saturday!