What do you do on Black Friday?

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Nov 23, 2018

I don't need anything more, I am happy with what I have.  And the one thing I am happy the most about,  I am happy to have mom living with us!  I can remember years back, when I would call them for the holidays, and have the feeling of having accomplished my duty by starting my day speaking with them; but then living the rest of the holiday thinking of them, and how much they would have wanted us to be there with them (I never traveled home for Christmas, the tickets are just crazy expensive).

Of course there are challenges, or days when I wish our interactions would be better, but that prompted me to look at my own actions/reactions, and realize I was feeding into the frictions between us.  She is 87, she won't change much, but I can if I am aware of the way we communicate.

Hubby is working today, he gets paid double, so I let him work, and decided to give the whole day to mom.  She suffers from idiopathic peripheral neuropathy, basically she can barely feel the sole of her feet (and that impacts her balance), but she does not have diabetes, it is probably just old age, and bad circulation.  She takes Gabapentin for it, it seems to help a little, but finding her the right pair of slippers is a HUGE deal.  We probably purchased at least 25 pairs in the 4 years she's been here, I have one pair which should arrive today from Amazon.

So this is going to be my Black Friday chasing for SLIPPERS for mom.  It is so important for her and her balance, when she has not yet resolved to use a walker.

We are going to spend the day checking out store after store, for some good slippers, and not because I want to save on the price, but because I am off, I cooked yesterday, we have leftovers, and decided to give the day to mom!

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