What did it take for me to quit

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Nov 20, 2018

It took years of contemplation and denial, and one moment of clarity and action: "I think my time has come; there would never be a "right" time, if I can barely breath in air, why oh why, am I forcing myself to inhale the smoke which I feel is hurting every cell on its passage".  I had to accept it was time for me to quit.

This was the beginning!

Then I came here and learned from the elders, and partners alike.  I studied, like never before, how the addiction to Nicotine works, and what is my own responsibility in my own quit.  For the elders can teach you, guide you, every step of the way, but the journey is ours, we have to take these steps. We have to accept will be living some uncomfortable times, but keep the objective in mind, at all times.  Despite tears running down my cheeks during the most difficult withdrawal period, I put a smile on my face and started walking (metaphorically and literally) my quit journey.

And the days keep pilling up!

My friends reading this, quitting is possible, quitting can be a breeze if you align your mind with your objective: quitting.

You can switch to a "quit" mode, and all challenges along the way will seem easy to overcome if you make your own mind your biggest, smartest friend.  You know it will work for you and with you!

Happy quitting journey!