Desperate for a good night sleep

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Nov 4, 2018

I feel alone, I want to be alone, for 1hour, day, month, or forever.  After making many comforting choices in food for the last 2 weeks, here, I top it all with a double Irish cream on ice to end the day.  The sugar in it will certainly help my diabetes..

You're proud of me, as I surely am too! Ha, what a joke!!!

The house is quiet, it's been for over 2h, but sleep eludes me and I am running out of options...

All  the alcohol did, was making me hot, and hick up for a while now.

Please don't laugh, I don't drink, but I desperately want to sleep.

Got to be honest, I only left the house to take mom shopping, no walk or any kind of exercise, couch potato I was today.

Do I think about smoking, of course I do, I am on Ex after all, but not as a solution to my insomnia.  Smoking never helped me go to sleep.  Smoking never helps anything.

But as one m favorite book/movie character says :"after all , tomorrow is another day! 

Good night to all lucky dogs who have no issues with sleep, I am not one of them!