Freedom is priceless

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Oct 30, 2018

We all have our reasons to quit: health, money, love, kids, pets, stink, shame, regret, lack of respect for oneself, a partner or lover, job, medical insurance, and who knows what else.


After 963 DOF (Days of Freedom - and who called them that might have known how I feel), I still value Freedom as the biggest, most impactful benefit of quitting for me.


It is only when looking backwards at a long life of the smoker I was, when I realized how much the 20 cigarettes/day ruled my life: at home, driving, at work, traveling by car or plane, eating with friends at a restaurant, at my son’s house (or should I say balcony in summer or winter in Boston), at my own house with family or friends, when they were inside and I was out giving in to my addiction.


If you have no other reason to quit, just do it to regain your freedom.  And if you are now quitting, and you think the cravings are terrible, look back at your life as a smoker and find strength knowing you are conquering your freedom from the claws of a very serious and hard to beat addiction. 


Reach out, we'll help!

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