One at the time

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Sep 18, 2018

We are still experiencing high temperatures in Phoenix, AZ; there isn't really a good time to go for a walk, to put in 30 min of exercise/day.  I am lucky to have a pool in the backyard.  30 min of swimming equal 40 laps for me.  And so I start swimming and counting.  When I thought: gosh, I have to do 40 and I barely started...almost tempted to give up. I had so much more work after that...

Then I turned the switch in my brain: the water feels good, not cold but refreshing, my family is good, in the house, with the AC running, and I turned my eyes towards the sky: full of white, high clouds, and as I was counting my laps, they started to change colors, presenting me with the beautiful image you see as a banner, only desert can grant you these beautiful sunsets. 

I was counting the laps and thinking, how similar to quitting: you know it is good for you, but if you look too far in the future, you might be tempted to give up; don't, do it one day at the time, find distractions from the negative thoughts, enjoy the moment, become proud of what you are accomplishing. One at the time will take you where you want to arrive.