What do I do now?

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Aug 30, 2018

Working from home today, but I found out from co-workers in the office, 2 of our long term programmers were let go today.  Both were with the company when I started (March 2001), and are remarkable people.  The reason?  They were specialized on older platforms, and the company is heading in a different direction in terms of technology.


I knew them so well, they are such nice and easy to work people, and I am sure they will find other jobs...but they will be missed, and today is not a good day for them.

What do you think popped on my mind once I absorbed the news and felt the sadness? A smoke or two would help right now...but...


I don't do that anymore, smoking won't give them their jobs back, nor will it help with their own sadness.

Instead I stepped away from my laptop and made myself a veggie/fruit/flax meal/almond milk smoothie, and now I am sharing with you while deep breathing and having my healthy drink...I am using my tool box!