Our Princess

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Aug 15, 2018

We said good bye to our beautiful Princess today. Exactly one month since Xena left this world.

She started getting lost about 6 months ago, and was screaming in the middle of the night till someone came in the living room to speak with her, feed her or just tell her we were there with her.

After Xena was gone, Princess got worse with every day.  Yesterday was a really bad day mom told me when I came back from work.  It continued through the afternoon and the whole night.

This pas weekend I went and purchased 2 different types of anxiety treats, but she would not eat them in any way, not by themselves, not with food, or water, or milk.  Last night we have not slept at all, and I tried mixing one of the treats with water and trying giving it to her with a syringe.  The little I was able to administer, she spit it all out. I took her in my bed, she did not want to stay, I took her in mom's room (where she would go sometimes during the day), she did not want to stay.

At 6:30 am today, after getting maybe a couple of hours of sleep, I took the day off and contacted my husband, my son and his wife, and discussed with mom.

And the decision was made to let her go, join her sister in a better place.

Princess was sweet, and beautiful, she never got in trouble in any way, she just got old, and was probably missing her sister very much.

As Xena, Prince passed in my arms, I kissed her and told her how much we loved her, how much joy she brought us for over 19 years, but she leaves a big whole in my heart.

Here she is young and on top of the world..

And this was taken last week, she was almost the size of a kitty.

We'll miss you baby, my heart is heavy, but I find consolation in the many years of joy we shared.