Knees follow up

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Aug 7, 2018

Some results came up yesterday; and it is mostly osteoarthritis and degeneration at many levels; spinal cord: lumbar (scoliosis), cervical (where the normal curve does not exist anymore, probably my desk job for so many years), hips are not too bad, but the right side of the hip is rotated towards the front, and the 2 patellas are "floating" outside the medial line on both knees, no wonder they hurt so much.  What caused all that?  Old injury in the lower back, along with bad posture, the desk job, and who knows, even potential osteoporosis (will find out about that when I see the endocrinologist).

They don't promise to fix all these, but to make it better.

Yesterday I had the first real Chiropractic adjustment, and I did not cry, and maybe it was just auto-suggestion, but I felt more flexible than I did for a long time.

They will have me in the office for chiro and PT 3 times/week the first month, 2/week the second, then I don't remember exactly.  Meanwhile they blessed the stretching I am doing at home, along with the pool exercises.

The plan they have for me (including maintenance and some tool I need to purchase for the neck) goes out to the end of this year.  May I have the patience, time and energy to follow it to their recommendations. 

The cost is my co-payments which amount at $50/session, at least I am paying as I go, hopefully the results will justify the investment.  They are a team of young, nice people, looking forward to go back on Thursday and Friday this week.