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Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Aug 4, 2018

Here is just a follow up on the knee shots: they became just one. 

I know Youngatheart.7.4.12 you wanted them to work, however after the first, it looked as nothing changed with the level of pain. They could not schedule me the very next week (the rule for 3 at one week interval), and were unpleasantly surprised the level of pain did not change a lot after the shot (they were expecting it would go from 10 to zero!!!).  That, combined with my failed attempts to get some insurance to contribute to the $500/shot I had to pay as "facility fees" (why did I have to be in a "surgical center" for a shot that could have well be done in the dr's office), made my decision to stop and not go for another shot.


And I started googling "knee pain" and the recommended exercises to strengthen the muscles around the joint, meanwhile looking for a physical therapy facility. 


On Thursday I had a complete examinations, x-rays of knees and back, and because you could see a bout of scoliosis in the lumbar area, he extended the x-rays to the rest of the spine.

One thing I was happy about, was that even though you can see the osteoarthritis, there is enough space between the bones (so the fact I quit Orthovisc was not such a bad decision).


They are also using some program which, based on a frontal and side picture is calculating how the posture is, how much does it need to be corrected here and there.  They sent me a copy through email.  On Monday afternoon they will be talking to me with hopefully a diagnosis, and a therapy plan.  


Till then, I have been doing my own exercises on the floor, stretching, strengthening, and working my knees in the pool!

Will let you know their recommendations on Monday.

All I know is that I need to be able to walk again without being in agony...