Do we change that much?

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Jul 24, 2018

It seems the most interesting part of my life is happening in traffic, right?  45 min each way make for a part of my day anyways.

As the disciplined driver that I am, looking and keeping distance from the car in front of me, unfortunately I was close enough to see an arm out the driver's window holding a cigarette.  I could follow in my mind the movements in the car when the arm was getting back in, then out again. Ok, a smoker, what do I care, I don't do that anymore. 

But I care when they throw the cigarette out of the window in front of my car.  I was secure, I don't smoke, no need to open the window (today it was a hot day in Phoenix 116 degrees).

And I care because accidents happened when the butt ended on a baby's lap in a car behind the smoker's and mom had no idea why the baby started screaming.  It was on a freeway, she could have lost control, that could have killed them both, mom and baby.  It was not the case, but the baby ended up with some serious burns.

And you know what, the insensitive, rude, horrible smoker had the nerve to light up another one in the space of 2 (TWO) stop lights, and threw again the butt through the window.

I was at boiling point, what do I do?  The police would laugh in my face if I sent a pic with a person smoking out of their own car window.  If I were not driving, maybe I could have caught the moment the threw the butt, however, I'd have been laughed at anyways.

Little by little I calmed down, and made it home without intentionally rear-ending the rude motorist.

Yes, I used to smoke, but I never, ever used anything but my car's ashtray (well, let's say exceptionally I also used my lap a couple of times and it was not pretty) to put out the butts.

Have I crossed into the world of "cigarette haters"???  I think I did, the day I decided to quit. 

So if this is a change, I believe it is one for the better!