The first of 3 Orthovisc shots

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Jul 20, 2018

I had them in both knees this morning, only local anesthesia (some kind of icing liquid). 2 more sessions coming up, next is in 2 weeks.

They are supposed to help rebuilding some of the cartilage I used up while walking many pounds around

Did I tell you the latest from the fitbit?  In 2 years I crossed India in terms of distance I walked...


And I was very scared of the pain, knowing a viscous liquid is being pushed in a limited space.

It was not painless, but it was quick; the doctor was talking to me trying to get my attention away from the pain, and I told him " sorry, I am doing my breathing exercise", and he said "great, some patients are holding their breath, and that is not helping".


And I did not tell him, but it is quitting smoking which forced me to master the technique, and the free meditation exercises I learned while quitting.


Hopefully by the time the nice weather is back in AZ my knees will allow walking again.  So looking forward to that!!!