One cigarette vs one life...or more

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Jul 9, 2018

First monsoon storm of the season: dust, rain, hail.  Temps dropped from 110 to 71 in a matter of minutes.  Wind at the airport 100 miles/hour.

And me, and many others trying to drive home, stretches of road with no place to wait it out.  Fallen trees across 2 lanes of the opposite sense. Light signal down at a 3 lanes each way, no patience, no priority, everybody crossing at their own risk. 40,000 customers so far with no power.  


What do you think I was thinking??? I can't count how many drives like this in my past I was able to smoke, 1, 2 sometimes even 3 cigarettes, risking an accident with every single one.  You can see I took the pics while waiting at the red light...otherwise I did not take my eyes off the road. 

How many chances as a smoker, to risk my own life and potential other innocent people's, just to satisfy the screaming, ragging addiction???

As I was approaching home, it was raining so heavily, I had to stop at a gas station, to wait it out, and I used their bathroom.  Of course I am polite enough to buy something.  You all spoke so much about the sour patch kids, I grabbed a pack and while paying, what do I have to look at???  Rows and rows of packs of cigarettes.  I left the lady about 50% tip on my pack of little candies, and made it home chewing on them.


Lurkers, please quit. 

Newbies, it is possible to survive the craves. 

Elders, thank you for helping me get home today.