If you wonder like I did...

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Jul 5, 2018

Why I could not get rid of the smell of stale cigarette, heavy smoke...I smelled it continuously...

I blamed my old car, my clothes, and thought I got rid of it for a minute: smelling coffee grinds, Jackie taught me that one.

But the smell came back in my nostrils, and stayed with me for several days.


It was when I started thinking about the many medications I take, I remembered the symptom started the day of my visit to the Endocrinologist.  You know I am diabetic, and when I am consistent with the quantity and quality of what I eat, I am in a constant state of hunger.  She gave me a supplement to help controlling hunger between meals.It is made by a reputable company and it contains a variety of ingredients, I am not going to name here.  


Just to see what it does, I stopped taking it.  It took a couple of days and my sense of smell came back to normal.


What a relief: I can now smell my own perfume, shampoo, flowers, food cooking.  Of course the reverse is also true, bad smells came back too, but at least I can identify them, and not have to walk around with that horrible, stale, cigarette smell.  I won't say it was a trigger, but it kept the cigarette on my mind all times.


Now, the product worked, it kept me feeling full longer, and I could not find any listed side effects, I will probably start taking it again.


But I figured I'll share with you all, just in case anyone is facing a similar issue.


Happy quitting!