Why did I not quit smoking when I wanted it so badly?

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Jun 8, 2018

For at least 20 years before quitting I wanted to quit.  But I was scared crazy about letting it go. 

Looking back here are some things I thought I was scared of:


I’ll give up the time with myself; I’d always think, plan, meditate, speak with my dear ones in Heaven, or solve problems over a smoke.  All these can be done, and I am doing them today,  sitting, or standing somewhere by myself


Failure to succeed at quitting; past failed experiences made me doubt I can ever succeed; now I know every single elder here, had gone through many attempts until they finally made it stick


Recognize my addiction, afraid of the way I’d look at myself if I call myself an addict; today the understanding that I have been, I am and will always be an addict helps me stay an EX


I’ll lose my smoking friends: funny thing, about the time I quit smoking I lost them for totally different reasons, which made me understand they were not really friends, just smoking buddies


Now, when I acknowledge my “fears” I realize they were in fact just EXcuses, provided by the “dear” Nicodemon. EXcuses which kept me hurting myself over, and over again for many years.


If any of you are still thinking about quitting, try to become conscious of what’s really keeping you attached to the cigarette, and please know, we’ve been all experiencing the same feelings, but that once you change the way you look at them, everything becomes possible. 


It is in our power to make the choice for a healthier life.