A day in the life of an EX

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Mar 24, 2018

Last week on Friday the washer died on us.  It was a 9 years old on a pedestal, same with the dryer.

We went to Lowe's and the sales person told me as long as I buy the same brand the old pedestal will fit.  I wanted to have the washer at the same level, it is front load, and easy for mom (me too).


Delivery on Saturday established the promise made was just that, the old pedestal was narrower than the new machine.  We had paid for pick up of the old stuff, they took everything,  I went to the store and the store manager gave me a good deal on a new pedestal to match the new washer.  It was delivered today, and surprise???  It did not work; the delivery/install guy felt so horrible, he took the pedestal, and left the machine so I can use till this gets resolved. 


While he was working on that hubby came home from work with his second flu this season; terrible.  Of course all the stuff with the washer was my fault, he would have purchased the whole thing to replace, but I wanted to use a piece of the machine which had nothing wrong with it, blah, blah, blah.


I went back to the store, thinking I'll drop the whole front load deal, and go and purchase an old model of top load and get the difference of my money back, but I called my son who always has good ideas.  He suggested if the washer works, to keep it till they get here (April 9th) and we can decide together.  That made me change my plan, so I decided to just get the money I paid for the pedestal back.  Because the delivery guys did not enter the paperwork in the system, it took about an hour to get the transaction through.


I came home, hubby got up from his nap and he is totally miserable.  Went back to the store to buy Tamiflu and some Immunity boost stuff.


In between, mom's monthly subscription to the Romanian TV has expired, I always have to send them an email to gain the screen I can use to enter the credit card info.  So I did that after a couple of email exchanges.


So here I am, at almost the end of the day, did nothing much but get upset left and right.

But you know what?

The only time I was reminded of smoking is when I came here to speak with you all.  Like right now, deep breaths for me!!!


Newbies, I quit 2 years ago, if I were still a smoker, a day like today would have made me have at least 20 cancer sticks against me by now, and the day is not over.

But I know life always happens and as an EX I learned to say NOPE and keep going.