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Today would have been a good day for me to start smoking again. 


But I know I don't do that anymore, so I am dealing with it the best I can.


Over a couple of months ago, we contracted a company to replace 4 windows and a patio door.  We went for the best choice they had to offer, and it costs us $9,200.  We paid more than 10% at the time we hired them, and I had a balance of $8,000 I had to pay today; that would have been if, only if they had done the job I expected them to do.  The windows look beautiful, but when it came to frame them, the workers took lunch break and went shopping for the cheapest wood frames from Lowe's. When I heard them use the hammer in one of the bedrooms and saw one of them installing a primed only frame, when the windows and all my doors are off white, and it is how I ordered the windows, I asked him to stop and call the office.  I waited way more than what they promised, and now you are giving me cheap wood frames, seriously?

They spoke with the office, and ordered the frames (which should have been part of the ....package to start with), and now they are saying 6-8 weeks for these again.  I'll wait, but I want to be done properly for the money I pay.

Am I wrong???

Attached are the pics from outside, then the inside, waiting for the frame.


So, newbies, look at me, so upset that when I started typing I was thinking of smoking...


Now, by the time I am done writing, I am not thinking that anymore...not happy with the service, but writing my story took away any thought of smoking as a solution to my frustration.

You can do the same, and to tell you a secret, my blog had words that I thought better than put in writing...but I am still thinking them

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