There comes a time

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Jan 5, 2018

When our quit falls way lower on the priority list.

There comes a time when life’s demands come first and we go on solving them without a thought about smoking.

There are times we experience illness, sadness, joy, and hard work and we do it all without thinking of smoking.

We are forever smokers who chose not to smoke, for we all know there is not such thing as just one cigarette. We need forever to live by the NOPE (Not one puff ever).

But, there comes a time when life goes on without a thought of smoking, day, after day, after day.

Please, if you are in your first week, the second, in NML or just out of it, please believe that a time will come when you will feel disconnected from smoking.

Daniela 665 DOF