My friends cat lovers

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Nov 4, 2017

So I wrote this morning a question and posted it in General Support; and no one answered me, surprising, I started looking for my question, and can't find it anywhere.  Mark, what could have happened to it.

In short I don't know if only one of both my 18 years old cats are peeing all over the place, despite a clean litter box, and their kitty door they have been using since they were 12 weeks old and came to live with us.

Pillows, area rugs, big rug, have been washed, cleaned, yet I get up every morning to more and more smell, and as sharp as my smell became after quitting, if it is the rug, I need to get on my 4 to figure out where thy did it (or maybe is just one of them, and I am blaming them both).  They no longer cover their poop either, but I don't dare taking the litter box outside (in the laundry room for instance), because they are already confused!

Help, advice, someone, please, if I don't find a way to control this, I'll have to remove everything off the floor and endanger mom, whose balance is so fragile, or my cats will make this their home and I'll have to move out.  Another thing I am noticing is they are restless some days: they walk to the water, or outside, back in, jump on the furniture, back down again, up to where the food is, they seem to not sleep but very little anymore...much like us when we get old...I know...

Sorry for all the complaining, but just to round it up today, while I was washing one of the smaller pillows I also added mom's 3 pairs of sleepers; out of which only 4 came out of the washer (2 not even pairs, one pair, 2 stray); now waiting for my neighbor to go hunting for them in the washer (fairly new, horizontal load)...