Goodbye Smoking

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Oct 21, 2017

I found a poem on the Internet, it is by Gail Blakeley  and she sounds just like one of us...maybe she is...


I'm not smoking today ;

not that the urge has gone away.


It's just that I'm tight and smokes are high ;

but, clothes are cheaper, I won't deny.


I'd like to be known for my wit and charm ;

instead of an odor setting off a fire alarm.


Believe me, it's not easy;

but, with a cigarette, I look sleazy !


I have an image to uphold ;

I'm known to be brave and even bold.


But, those little, white, sticks of fire ;

have always been part of my attire.


Will people even know me now;

without the smoke circling my brow ?


Grit my teeth, gnaw my tongue ;

clean my hair and clear my lungs.


I might even feel brand new ;

and smell like perfume, not fish stew.


So, wish me well, no more Pall Mall ;

and pray I do not have a fall.


For this will be my very last try ;

to say it's easy, is a BIG, FAT lie !!


But like there is a saying on this site: It Is Doable!!!