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Many of us (at least us females) cried our eyes out at the beginning of our quit, because we

lost "our best friend".

If smoking were my real friend:


  • it would have never let me cry so much without at least a hug; I did not get it, my arms were empty, my mind in despair, and the only "consolation" was to light up another one...
  • it would have told me long time ago: "your are heading to your early demise by one of the terrible disease I bring with me"  and now in retrospective, and after reading a lot about it: the fatty liver, diabetes, and Hashimoto's were if not 100% initiated, at least seriously helped developing in my body by smoking
  • it would have told me years ago: "if you quit, look how much money you can save; it will secure you the funds for a nice vacation every year"
  • it would have told me: "every time you step out to have one, in the designated area, visible from the executive management's offices, you put your job in jeopardy, you are being judged for being a smoker"; not fair, right, but true none the less
  • it would have told me: "there is life after cigarettes, and as a real friend I want you to be happy and healthy, so let go of me, do it now, while there is time, do it now, and have a happy, free, and healthy life"!


Have any of you smokers, or EX-smokers heard that from your "best friend - the cigarette", because