When it rains...

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Aug 12, 2017

What a lucky dog I am: after having the storm damage, and the roof replaced this morning (and being up since 5:00 am waiting for the crew), had some lunch and went to take a little nap; and little it was; it felt I could not breathe anymore.


Guess what, they killed something to my AC unit which resides on the Roof!!! So now I have 85 degrees in the house, the big fan running full blast and having to wait 3-7h till an AC technician can come over...at least he committed for today, and hoping they did not killed but a connection somewhere, and it can be repaired tonight.


Wish me luck, please, pray, keep your fingers crossed, and as someone was telling me this morning, I will not smoke over that; leave the house and go shopping in an air conditioned mall as soon as hubby gets home, you bet!!!