Checking in

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Jul 19, 2017

I need to make my apologies for staying away for a little while now.  Work is slowly but surely killing me, I told my boss today something is got to give; she will have to make some changes to the schedule, 2-3 sometimes 4 days/week working 12-14h, plus some weekends it is becoming hard for me.  She made some promises today.


I hope everyone is well, staying quit, and eventually I will have the time to catch up on all the news.


Had to check my days of freedom, "495 Days Since I Quit Smoking" sounds pretty good to me.


In the spirit of honesty, there were many days and evenings, and nights when I thought about smoking.  No later than today, I passed a young man smoking in his car with the window down and thought to myself "lucky you, still young, you have plenty of time to quit, I had my "fun" for enough years", and kept driving while chewing on some cashew nuts. Was I jealous? Yes...Did I go to buy myself some? No.  We are making a choice every day to keep our freedom from nicotine.  It is what we ex-smokers do, every hour of every day, week after week.  And if I still "miss" it, I am patiently waiting for 2 sets of seasons, when my feelings will catch up with my reason.


For our younger quitters, I am so proud of you making the right decision early in life!


Have a wonderful evening/night all of you my friends!