Learning to drink

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Jun 3, 2017

A little late in life, right, nearing 60 and having a 1/2 glass Rum and Coke (1 shot of Rum and 1/2 can of Coke, I hope I have the right recipe)! 

Hubby is to blame for it, lately we manage to fight even over the phone.  He worked this morning, and he told me last night: "I am stopping by Trader Joe's on the way back, what do you need?"  Me: "Nothing, thanks"; Him: "Think of something" Me: "OK, please get me Gluten free sesame oyster crackers" Him: "What is that?" Me "If you ask me, I am telling you, you can find it as you walk the frozen aisle, from the meat section towards the outside door, about your eye level, above frozen meals, on the first shelf (there are only 2)".  And with that we go to sleep. 


Today 12:30 pm, He calls: "I am walking into Trader Joe's, what do you need?"  Me: "Nothing", Him: "You said something last night, I am walking that aisle, let me read you what I see: sticks, whole grain crackers, chocolate covered pretzels" and the list goes on and on...I say " please forget it and come home" Him: "no, I am going to the other store to get bread" Me: "you have enough for the whole next week and more in the freezer" Him: "Why do I even call you, I can go where I want and buy what I want" and with that the "communication" ends.


If you know what I am talking about please type "Yes".


I hope I made you smile, now I do, but it is after I had a drink, and since for me smoking was never associated with drinking, guess what, I don't feel like smoking, rather, take a nap....


Wait....he just got home...he found my crackers and got me 3 (three) packages.  I don't want to know what else he purchased, but I am sure our freezer will have a hard time keeping up with the content. This isn't mine, but I can't take a pic right now, he is unloading...


Am I a bad wife???