What have I learned so far – 345 DOF

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Feb 19, 2017

Loving my DOF today, 345, and hoping to be here when I’ll celebrate the 3456 DOFs..

So what did I learn so far on my recovery journey?

  • Quitting smoking is absolutely the best Health decision I made in my life
  • Quitting smoking is not by far as difficult as it might seem Before you engage on the recovery journey
  • Quitting smoking does Not have to be Hard; it is your attitude that makes it Easy or not: be happy about the craves, as they are the proof you have quit smoking, look forward to tomorrow being another smoke free day, another day added to your Freedom. If thinking about tomorrow is too far, take it one hour at the time until you get there
  • Quitting smoking won’t make you lose friends;
  • You will lose your Smoking Buddies; I have lost 2 work buddies, thought to be my “friends” after over 15 years of working/smoking together; hard life lesson, but I realized they were never real friends to start with, I was “needed” just as company, and to make them feel better about their addiction
  • You will make New Friends, real friends, friends who are supporting your great decision; plenty of these in the real life, even more here, in the virtual world, people who have been through the same things as you, who love you, encourage you, help you, are proud of you, make you feel good about yourself and your recovery
  • You will learn the New You, what you actually like and dislike, and the courage you gained to say it as it is
  • You will start Loving You for who you really are, be gentler, more appreciative about your qualities, and more acceptant about your weak points; we are all human and we have it all…
  • You will learn Tolerance and love of your peers, more forgiveness, more sharing
  • You can start Giving yourself to this community and enjoy to see newer quitters who will appreciate your gift of sharing, it is like raising a healthy baby and being happy for every new acquisition the baby makes towards becoming an adult

And I will learn even more as the recovery is a journey…