Day 5

Blog Post created by Dani_2017 on Jul 31, 2017

Day 5! I honestly cannot believe that I've made it this far, and I have so many of you here to thank for that. I'm at approximately 120 hours smoke free. According to my app, I've saved $18.75, not smoked 40 cigarettes, regained 1 day of my life, and saved 3 hours of my time not smoking. I'm learning that this is certainly a process. I'm learning a lot more about myself throughout these last days as well. 

At this point I still think about cigarettes all of the time. I miss them constantly. But whenever a powerful craving comes along, I go for a power walk instead. By the time my walk is over, my craving has generally passed. 

I think that what is really keeping me going here is the idea that I've been a slave to a substance for so many years, and I don't want to be controlled by it anymore. 

Thanks again for all of your comments, messages, suggestions, ideas, wisdom, and support. It means so much to me.