Ordeals and Adventures

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Sep 5, 2020

~~Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.~~  Unknown


So you've decided to quit smoking.  Great, right?!!  No more money spent, no more hacking up a lung in the morning, no more lost moments with family spent instead in solitary confinement puffing away at something that has the ability to kill you.


So.....why are you hesitating?  Why the fear?  Why do you doubt what you're doing? 


Please don't go into your quit with an attitude of being punished.  Don't make it an ordeal to be dreaded.  Don't decided you can't do it even before you start.  In my business, we call that setting yourself up to fail.  I work with people who are addicted to drugs/alcohol.  I also quit smoking 7 years ago.  Been there, done that   And every time I entered into a quit thinking that it was my punishment for being a smoker....I failed.  Every time I went into a quit thinking to myself that I would fail....I failed.  I would get tired of the struggle.  I would get discouraged over not feeling better.  I would get stressed and anxious and depressed and sad and sick.....you get the picture.  Maybe you've been there?


Why not make your quit your gift to yourself?  A precious moment where you decide you're worth it.  You're worth a smoke free life where you aren't chained to a tube of paper.  You are giving yourself the gift of freedom from addiction.  Giving yourself a life of more.  More money.  More time.  More enjoyment.  More life.


Why not see your quit as a wonderful adventure where you get to explore your world...you get to explore you.  Your talents.  Your skills.  Your desires.  Your bucket list.  Your family.  Your choices.  Your joys.  Your tastes. 


The thing is, you get to decide how to go into your quit.  You get to decide how you feel about it.  Do people successfully quit with a negative attitude?  I'm sure they do.  Do people successfully quit with an attitude of spirit and adventure.  Absolutely.  I was one of those.  I had my moments of 'ugh' but I had so many more moments of "I like this!" and "This is so cool!" and "Wow, I didn't know I could do this!"  I got so busy enjoying all the new things in my world and all the things I didn't even recognize I had as a smoker that I forgot to dread quitting and fight those cravings.  I didn't need to fight them because I didn't even pay much attention to them.


I hope you find joy in your quit.  I hope you recognize that you are giving yourself the most precious gift you'll ever get.  And I hope you feel like you can....like you will....like you want to.  Life is waiting so what are you waiting for?  Go live it   


Wishing you the best,