I've Learned

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Sep 3, 2020

~~I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.~~  Maya Angelou


I've learned so many things here on Ex since I found this site back in 2009:


I learned that there are phenomenal people in the world and many of them are found right here


I've learned that you're either going to quit smoking or your not.  It isn't us who stop you from smoking and it isn't us who make you smoke.  It's all you.  (Secret?  That's where your power is!  You get to decide whether you smoke or not.)


I've learned that some people won't like you no matter what you do and others will totally love you no matter what you do.  Chose the love


I've learned that smoking is an addiction for me.  I can't do one, ever, so I choose to do none.


I've learned that life is meant to be lived.  Smoking puts you on the sidelines.  Put out the cigarette and join in the adventures!


I've learned that I don't have to be here every day to support quitters.  I support them in my every day life, I support them through other events and groups I'm involved in, and I support them through phone calls, letters, and zoom


I've learned that each and every one of us has talents and skills and uniquely personal abilities that the whole world needs.  You matter, truly you do.  Quitting smoking puts you on a path of finding out just how much that's true.  The world awaits you, I promise.


I've learned that my flaws and my faults and my mistakes are simply learning opportunities for growth.  No shame, no embarrassment, no fear.  I'm good with me and that didn't happen until I quit hiding behind a cigarette.


I've learned that quitting smoking is a journey never-ending.  Not an event to be celebrated but a lifetime of celebrations and milestones....steps and moments.  Not to be feared.  Not to be dreaded.  Not to be punished.  Quitting is truly saving your life and the most healthy thing you can ever do for you.


I've learned that it's ok to not be ok.  It's just as ok to be ok.  Everyone is different and each of us has challenges to be met and battles to be fought and mountains to be climbed.  Be positive.  Be negative.  Be who you are.  No one will ever do it better.


I've learned gratitude, humble appreciation, and how very important integrity is during quitting.  During everything, really.  I wake with gratitude, I appreciate the sights and smells and sounds of life. I live my life my way now and it feels really, really good.


I've learned that I can't quit for you, no matter how much my heart goes out to you or how badly I want to help.  What's more, I've learned to give you back your power.  You CAN quit.  You have my unwavering belief in you.  No doubts.  No worries.  No hesitation.  You will quit when you decide you've had enough.  That's how it happens for many of us.  In any case, it's there inside you just waiting to be let out.


I read somewhere that when you stop learning, you start dying.  I can see that.  There is always something new around the corner.  I'm trying to find a fencing instructor in my area but since that might not be available, I may turn to belly dancing or teaching nutrition.  We'll see what tomorrow brings


Namaste, dear quitters.  I hope you are having  a fabulous day!!