All That You Are

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jun 24, 2020

~~Believe in yourself and all that you are.  Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.~~  Christian D. Larson


If you come here often enough, you'll learn about the people here.  The elders who support, encourage, cheer, teach, offer.  The newbies who struggle, learn, accept, gain, grow.  Those who come and go.  Those who are here daily.  Those who shine.  Those who post.  Those who share.


And most all of these people will tell you the same thing.  You can quit.  You can!!  Anyone can.  And whether they suggest reading Allen Carr or creating a quit kit or post every day or whatever, they will also say that you can do this.


We have the words you need to hear.  This site has the information you need to read.  Elders have the quits that show it can be done.


But you are the one who has to do it.  The change in behaviors, patterns, thought processes all have to come from you.  The changes in routine, the decision not to smoke when you feel you want to, the breathing life into you quit all have to come from you.  And you alone.  And it may be a bit scary to know it's all on you.  It may be daunting to realize that no one can make it easier for you.  It may even be a bit lonely.


But know that there is something inside you that is greater than your desire to smoke.  There is that little flickering flame of hope that has been shining for years...sometimes brightly, sometimes an ember...reminding you that you need to be free of addiction.  Free from nicotine.  Free to live your life unchained from a deadly habit.


Yes, it's on you.  But believe in yourself even more than we believe in you.  Believe with your whole heart, soul, and spirit that you are greater than a cigarette.  You are more than a smoker.  Because, of course, you are.  So when you feel weak, pull out all that's greater inside of you and use it.  Feeling weak isn't the same thing as being weak.  When you think you can't, pull out all that's greater inside of you and use.  Thoughts have no power to hurt you.  And when life hurts and your spirit is bruised and confidence shaken, pull out all that's greater inside of you and learn to become your own best friend.  Nurture you.  Take care of you.  And don't let outside influences damage the person you are.  


As for us...we'll continue to be here cheering you on, listening to you, offering a shoulder or a hand and knowing in our hearts that you can quit.  We know it because we used to be you...and look at us now.  You can.  You just have to believe.