Dear Hope

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Apr 11, 2020

~~Dear Hope,

Are you ok?  I know you are badly bruised.  Your wings are torn beyond repair.

Yet, you are the source of Life.  Without you, many  would have given up on Life.

So, remember your purpose.


I am creating new wings for you, made from wistful dreams and determination.


Stay strong till then, many need you.


Yours sincerely,

A Lost Soul~~


Word Vibes


Don't lose you hope.  Quitting is a life changing journey and sometimes it takes our breath away...these changes.  But don't lose hope.  Because in hoping, you find your foundation for your quit.  That it will get better.  That you can do it.  That it won't always be like this.


So ride on those wings of hope until your life feels more stable.  More comfortable.  More manageable.  Just feel the hope and wait for it....that moment when you know your quit is there.  Maybe not solid yet, maybe a little shaky...but there it is.  Small but growing.  New but concrete.  No more wishing for it but seeing it instead and the hope for it is changing it into something more tangible.


It may be a struggle and it may be uncomfortable and it may even be filled with anger and resentment because quitting is more about needing to rather than wanting to, but it's there.  Just hold on to the hope that your quit blossoms into a beautiful, better way of life that includes learning how to function without smoking.


I can't tell you when you will begin to feel better.  I can't tell you when you will be more ok with your quit.  But I can say that as long as you hold onto that hope that you will grow into your quit, it will one day be everything you want it to be.  


Hold onto hope and don't let go.