Just Like That

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Feb 16, 2020

~~And one day, just like that...You'll re-discover your light. You'll embrace your inner warrior.  You'll snatch your power back.  And the whole game will change.~~  Elevate Your Mind, Free Your Soul


It may not seem like it now at the beginning of your quit.  You may feel shaky and unsure.  You may not feel your strength or your confidence or your courage.  You may feel at the mercy of your addiction and not understand how to change the game.


But, oh my goodness, watch out!!  You truly do have light in you.  Light so strong you'll chase the shadows back so far you'll only see brightness!  You'll not only embrace your inner warrior but you'll also slay those dragons who tormented you for so long.  And your power?  Your power will come out so brilliant and true that you'll almost forget you ever bowed to your addiction.


How do I know when I don't know you?  Because I know all those things are in all of us.  You weren't overlooked when you were created....you weren't given 'less than' everyone else....you weren't born to suffer and agonize and live your life in turmoil.  I. Know. 


And now you do as well. So trust that all the ingenuity and the exquisiteness and the potential is there in you, gaining strength and  emerging from the years of being buried beneath poisons and smoke.  And when it does?  The whole game will change, I promise you.  No more fear of losing your quit, instead you'll protect it with a warrior's fierceness.  No more cringing when a crave hits, instead you'll recognize it for what it is.  No more than a glimpse of a memory of what you used to do.  No more cowering from your quit.  No more being at the mercy of your addiction.  


You will shine.  That shaky quit you are hanging on to will blossom into a smoke free lifestyle that you really will enjoy the rest of your life.