Maybe Today

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jan 12, 2020

~~This is a wonderful day.  I've never seen this one before.~~ Maya Angelou


So how about just being in the moment today?  Maybe you can stop wishing for 'better days'.  Maybe you can stop wishing for your quit to be easier or your job to be more challenging or your family to recognize your worth.  Maybe you can stop wishing to be perfect or older or prettier or wittier. 


Maybe you can just be here.  In this day.  Feeling the sun on your face or feeling the cold on your nose or the warmth of your fireplace.  Maybe you can look in the mirror and just like what you see.  Maybe you can honor your commitment not to smoke and just not be overwhelmed today. 


And maybe if you're stressed, you can focus on your breathing for a while and find yourself relaxing.  Maybe you can believe that things are how they are and that's ok, just for today.  Maybe you can find some adventure or give a little of yourself or even just melt into your couch and settle in for the day.


Maybe you can make a memory.  Maybe you can feel the magic.  Maybe you can catch a glimpse of 'this is ok'. 


Today will never come again.  This day....Sunday, 1/12/2020....only happens once in a lifetime.  Be here.  Enjoy it.  Feel it.  Without wishing for something different or remembering how it used to be.  And if you're in a bad place in your life....if things are hard or your heart is broken or you can't seem to forgive.....come back to you.  Be gentle with yourself.  Treat yourself kindly.  Know your own worth.  Find yourself in today. 


Maybe, in your loneliness, you will be your own best friend for today.  Maybe in your depression, you will nurture your being for today.  Maybe in your anxiety, you will create peace around you for today.  Maybe today will be the day that you learn to love yourself. 


Maybe you will make today count.