Seen, Heard, and Valued

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Dec 21, 2019

~~I define connection as the energy between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when the derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.~~  Brene Brown



We had our annual Christmas party at church on Wednesday evening and one of my fifth graders brought me a present.  She was so excited and when we got into class, she asked that I open it in front of everyone.  This wonderful child searched her home for items that wouldn't be missed by her family but that she thought I would love.....and so I did.  I love that she took the time to decorate a brown paper bag.  I love that she thought I was 'fun' and would like toys.  I love that she thought of me and I so love that she was proud of herself for finding me a present!


Life is simply full of these moments of connection, aren't they?  Where you suddenly know you are valued.  Where you feel accepted just as you are.  Where there is pure enjoyment...no judgment...just a welcome connection.


I love my students and the trust they put in me..the moments we share when they have questions or they gain an understanding of what I'm teaching.  I love my clients and those moments we share when they finally get it that I care.  I love just seeing my son enjoy his son.  Or friends laughing over lunch.  Or a stranger's smile.  


So very many perfect moments of connections.  Do you notice?  Do you recognize your own importance in someone else's life?  Do you understand that people need your unique way of making them feel connected?  Oh, my goodness how very important you are!!  How very much you matter in the world!!  How splendid your smile is to someone who is otherwise ignored.  How gentle your touch is to someone who has been hurt.  How magnificent your heart is to someone who loves you.


Don't waste it.  Don't waste your heart or your compassion or your brilliance on smoking.  It's a dead end street...empty, dark, and limiting.  Open yourself up to wonderful connections...to phenomenal people...to sheer joyful moments with those who love you.  Addiction....ALL addiction....robs us of connections as we always run back to getting that 'fix'.  Even a cigarette.   Addiction chains us to a substance that keeps us from fully enjoying life.


Look around you and see that the world is full of connections.  You are needed, you are wanted, you are accepted and loved.  Immerse yourself in them, revel in them, and open your heart to them.  And know that this is why we are here on earth....to connect with each other and bring love to life.