Ruthlessly Believing In You

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Dec 1, 2019

~~When I really think about it, what matters most to living life is the raw and genuine connection we make to the things we do.  The people we meet.  The places we land and leave from.  It's ruthlessly believing in your own days and nights of both triumph and struggle.  Its working through the dirt and mud to build the meaning you want for yourself.  Even driving into the storm if that how you feel that's how you're going to make sense of your own journey.  Its your storm.  It's your own drive.  Sometimes, its really allowing yourself to sit at the bottom for a while.  That way, it humbles you.  It grounds you.  It reminds you we all equally go through mess.  The truth is that, the way to live life is a personal choice.  Its a personal decision.  And it can take many years to find.  What it is we really want.  Where we want to go.  Where we feel is truly and honestly real to ourselves.  When I really think hard about it, what really matters most is simply what makes us feel at peace.  Loved.  Happy.  Content.  Connected vulnerably raw and honest.  And unapologetic of the time that passes to get there.  Because the journey is enough.  The roads are enough.  The place we're working from is enough.  Right now is enough and you know what?  That still truly matters.~~  BraverHeart


I remember when I first found this site.  I wanted to quit smoking.  I didn't plan on making friends or causing waves.  I didn't plan on feeling deep connections to other quitters.  I didn't plan on reaching out and I didn't plan on walking their journeys with them.  I simply wanted to learn HOW to quit smoking.  A journey began.


A journey of self-reflection....a journey of hidden traumas...a journey of healing.  Questioning and struggling and avoiding led to acceptance, strength, and growth. 


Every journey is unique and every pathway individual.  Extroverts, introverts, bold, challenging, angry, hostile, shy, thoughtful, kind....each quitter different, yet all wanting the same thing.  A successful quit.


For those who think they haven't succeeded...for those who have yet to quit...for those who aren't sure....let me just say that by finding this site and by entertaining the idea of quitting, you are already on your quit journey.  Because that thought is there.  Maybe not "I want to quit"....but definitely "Quitting is possible".  And it is.  And that thought can grow into things like "Maybe I can quit" or "Can I quit?"  One thought can grow into a life changing journey.


And maybe you'll reach out to others.  Maybe you'll feel a deep connection to other quitters.  Maybe you'll make friends or cause waves.  Because your journey has begun with that one thought.  And once begun, your journey will take on a life of its own.  In its own time.  When you ruthlessly believe in your own struggles and triumphs and when you drive into your own storm because that's where you feel you need to be.


Thank you to those who have walked my journey with me throughout the years.  You made it bearable.  You made it fun.  You made it possible for me to quit.  I'll never forget any of you.  I can't be here as much as I'd like right now.  So many of my family, friends, and clients are struggling on their own journeys that I feel I'm needed elsewhere.  A piece of who I am will always be here, however, with so many of you.  The quitters, the looking to quit, the elders...all of you.


Yes, you can.  It's a journey you'll never regret.