It Only Takes A Moment

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Nov 1, 2019

~~In the end, we only regret the chances we did not take.~~  Unknown


We all know the risks of smoking.  Sometimes we even think about them as we puff away, hoping that those thoughts will be the magic we need to quit.  Then we get motivated to do a bit more...maybe discuss quitting with our loved ones or do some research about the best quitting methods.  And after awhile, we drift right back to it because....well, because it's what we know.  It's what we're comfortable with.  It's how we cope with life.  And so the cycle continues.


It only takes a moment for everything in life to change.  One moment that you never thought you'd truly have to consider, much less deal with.  That moment when you hear "It's cancer".  That moment when everything you've done in your life fades to nothingness as you contemplate your own death.  Those damn dreaded words that others have heard....but you truly never thought you would.  Devastated.  Destroyed.  Life changing in that very instant to something you have no control over and no idea how to navigate.


It's time to stop smoking, my friends.  It's time to stop playing Russian Roulette with our very lives.  It's time to stop NOT thinking about what we are putting into our bodies.  It's time to stop hoping we won't get sick.  It's time to stop thinking that it's no big deal and we can do what we want.  It's time to stop being controlled by a stick of paper filled with deadly chemicals and poisons.  It's time to stop thinking that just because it's legal, it's ok.


It's not ok to risk your life when you could quit instead.  It's not ok to have your loved ones watch you fade away from a smoking related illness when you could quit instead.  It's not ok to believe those addicted lies that you 'can't do it'.  It's not ok to wish for your quit...to want your quit....to reach for your quit, and then to give it away.  It's not ok to think you can't simply because you haven't yet.  It's not ok to think you aren't worth it. 


You are SOOOO worth it!!  You are valued and valuable and you deserve a smoke free life!!  We don't want to lose you.  Your loved ones don't want to lose you.  And if you quit smoking, you will no longer be damaging your body.  If you quit smoking, you have given yourself a better life.  If you quit smoking, you gain confidence to do other amazing things.  If you quit smoking, you break the cycle of addiction that has kept you chained to it for so long. 


It only takes a moment for your whole life to change before your very eyes forever.  You choose how you want that change to occur.