It's Not Me, It's You

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Aug 4, 2019

~~I'm not perfect.....and I embrace that.~~  Unknown


Soooo....let's get started, shall we?  I recently broke some bones in my foot while playing soccer with my grandson.  I got my 33 year old son upset with me, making me feel like the worst mom in the world.  I can't balance a checkbook....actually, even worse.  I don't use a checkbook, it's all in my head.  I'm flawed.  I know it and it works for me. 


So when I come on here with my suggestions for quitting and my opinions on being human and my hopes for your future, it isn't because I live such a pristine life.  It isn't because everything works out for me.  It isn't because I quit smoking so easily or gracefully (I once wore two different colored shoes to work and never noticed). 


It's because if I can quit, anyone can.  It's because I...in my stumbling, rambly kind of way...care about you and your quit.  It's because I hate the thought of anyone feeling isolated or lonely or rejected especially when they quit.


I don't have your answers....but you do.  All I can do is suggest, support, and educate. 


I quit.  You can.  There is no difference between us.  In fact, I'm positive that you have skills I don't possess.  You have talents I can only admire rather than mimic.  You have knowledge and strengths and competence that I will never have.  Use it all.  Gather everything that's good and positive and strong in you and use it to quit smoking. 


I know you can quit.....you know how to quit.  You only have to believe in yourself.