Life Has You

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jun 15, 2019

~~The thing to remember when everything feels like too much or there's no way through, the thing to remember is that life wants you. It's all around us and inside.  It's in the changing seasons and your heartbeat.  Everywhere.  Life has you.  Always has.~~  Jacob Nordby



Funny thing about life....it knows what it's doing.  We can fuss at it, dig in our heels...and yet it has it's way in the end.  Pointing us in the right direction, gently shoving us along when we lag behind, and generally making it utterly impossible for us to NOT do what we were always meant to do.


Quitting, in this case.  Once that thought gets in your head...you know, the "I need to quit" thought...it lingers there.  We try to ignore it but it pokes at us relentlessly.  So we resentfully 'try' to quit.  Go back to smoking only to find that...darn it...something pulls us towards quitting again.  We fight it...we smoke...we quit...until BAM!!  Life has us.  And before you know it, you're celebrating your 6 year quit anniversary  


Life knows our path and it sets us on our journey.  When we waiver, when we hesitate...life will nudge us.  When we plant our feet and say "NO!", life laughs and simply continues to get in our way. 


We were never meant to be nicotine addicts.  We were never meant to smoke.  Life knows that and once we know that...it stays in the way of ever really enjoying puffing on a cigarette again. 


So let life take you.  Let life guide you and let life fill you with all the good it has to offer.  You aren't losing a thing by quitting.  But you are gaining....life